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 Our Name

Rural fencing has been the main product sold by the company for many years with most customers living in close proximity to the timber source. As such the company traded as Southwest Rural Fencing Supplies. Recent years have seen expansion into numerous other Jarrah products including house and trellis poles and firewood. Hence, the more appropriate company name of JarrahCo is now being used.

 Our Director

Mr John Riegert, the founder of the company, has worked in the timber industry for 30 years. Growing up and working on the family farm for 10 years, he has an extensive knowledge of rural fencing products and requirements.

As a hands on manager, John has first hand experience in most aspects of timber harvesting. This includes felling, extracting, grading, loading and cartage.

In early years John held contracts with C.A.L.M., planting Blue Gums at Mornington and Brunswick and Pines at Roelands. The company expanded into harvesting timber at ALCOA minesites at Wagerup and Huntley but now has all timber is delivered to the Yarloop depot.

An interest and practical experience in house poles originated in the building of a family pole home at Binningup in 1997. Potential customers have often been referred to the house and practical knowledge shared.

A firm believer in community support, John was a member of Apex for 18 years, holding the positions of President, Secretary and District Governor (State Board) before retiring at the exit age of 40 years.

Under John’s management the company has steadily developed and progressed to have an annual turnover in excess of $500,000

Environment & Safety

JarrahCo is dedicated to providing a safe and environmentally conscious working environment and a sound, economic basis for future growth. Initiatives include:

  • Senior First Aid Course for all employees
  • Restricted public area to ensure equipment operators are aware of visitors to the depot.
  • Review of debarking process and subsequent implementation of safer, more economical process.
  • Enhancement and mechanisation of equipment to provide a safe process that substantially reduces the physical effort required.
  • Review of firewood stockpiles and drying practices to reduce sand retention on dry blocks, provide an efficient method of recovery and loading from the drying area
  • Planting of trees to provide wind breaks and a visible barrier to external areas.