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JarrahCo Pty Ltd

JarrahCo survived the Yarloop fire and is open for business!

JarrahCo has been supplying Jarrah posts, rails, strainers and poles to our customers for over 30 years. Our products are used for farm, horticultural and residential purposes. Our beautiful and interesting Jarrah logs are especially popular for adventure playgrounds. Firewood is supplied to the general public as well as major firewood distributors.

As our name suggests, all products are cut from Jarrah logs felled mainly from nearby mine sites. Logs are processed at the Yarloop depot, located approximately 120km south of Perth, W.A. Being a popular hardwood, our customers are spread throughout West Australia as well as the Northern Territory and South Australia.

Our staff have extensive experience in the erection, care and maintenance of jarrah fencing, poles and trellising, and are happy to provide advice and useful suggestions.